Sunday, 29 May 2011

Swiss Cottage/Kilburn dispersal zone extended for six months

As notified on this blog, last Tuesday there was the Community Meeting to discuss extending for six more months the Swiss Cottage/Kilburn dispersal zone. As per our May 9 entry, this was introduced as a temporary measure following the murder of a Swiss Cottage ward resident in Kilburn's Mortimer estate.

Roger Freeman was at the meeting, which unanimously supported this extension, something that comes with the Police recommendation.
Readers may recall that from 2008 there has been a dispersal zone, covering initially the Swiss Cottage open space and later extending into parts of Kilburn Ward. The legislation is that they can only be for six months, but can be extended for a further six months following a public consultation and sign off from the Council and the Police. The dispersal zone was last extended for a six month period in June 2010.

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